Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Teachers at Naco School are asking, “Where’s the money?”

By Laura Swan
The Bisbee Observer
Naco Unified School District teachers are asking what happened to the Red for Ed monies that were disbursed to school districts across the state last year.
That was the question NUSD teacher Maria Ruiz asked at a recent district school board meeting. She said NUSD was to receive about $28,000, but that as of last week teachers had not seen a penny of the monies allocated for the district.
Ruiz said, “Where did the money go? We just want answers. I like answers. We are here and work five days a week. We are here for the kids, and we want to know what happened to the money that was promised to the teachers.” 
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Smith resigns

By Laura Swan
The Bisbee Observer
The Bisbee City Council voted to accept the resignation of the city manager effective immediately at a special meeting Tuesday night.
City Manager Robert Smith submitted a letter of resignation on Feb. 8 based on what he had recently learned and also his understanding that Councilwoman Leslie Johns had requested that council discuss his termination. In his letter of resignation, Smith also requested a severance package and stated that if it was not provided, the city would face possible litigation.
According to the Bisbee City Charter, a severance package is issued with a removal if there is no violation of t ....read full story (e-subscribers only)

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