Retired BP agent charged with sexual assault and kidnapping after DNA matches cold cases in Bisbee, Mesa and Gilbert

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

Tuesday law enforcement from multiple agencies worked together to take a retired Border Patrol agent into custody after his DNA connected him to multiple cases involving sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexual abuse including one in Bisbee 20 years ago.

John Daly III was booked into the Cochise County Jail Tuesday charged with four counts of sexual Assault, a class 2 felony, three counts of kidnapping, a class 2 felony, three counts of burglary, a class 3 felony and three counts of sexual abuse, a class 5 felony.

According to information from the Mesa Police Department, Daly has been identified as the attacker labeled as the “East Valley Rapist”, who police in Mesa have been trying to catch for over 20 years after allegedly committing violent crimes dating back to 1999….read full story (online subscribers only)

FAA: City may be in jeopardy of receiving grant funding

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

The Federal Aviation Administration says the city may be in violation of grant assurances and in jeopardy of receiving federal grant funding and wants the city to develop a corrective action plan after Public Works Director Jesus Haro confirmed that he was renting a hangar space at the airport to park and live in a travel trailer and going on the record to say that others could do the same.

According to the letter from Holly Dixon of the FAA sent to the City of Bisbee and Public Works Director Jesus Haro dated April 27, “The FAA has recently been made aware of a newspaper article stating that you are living in a travel trailer under a shade hangar on airport property and that the public has an opportunity to lease this space funding as well. P04 is a federally obligated airport, in that it accepted federal grant funding under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). The Grant Assurances become a binding contractual obligation between the airport sponsor and the federal government and must be followed in order to receive federal grant funding….read full story (online subscribers only)

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