Two supervisors table election result approval

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

The two Cochise County Board of Supervisors who filed a lawsuit against the county elections director have withdrawn their petition seeking a court order to force the elections director to perform an expanded hand count of election day ballots of sixteen out of seventeen vote centers randomly selected.

Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd through their attorney Bryan Blehm summitted with motion to withdraw the petition against County Elections Director Lisa Marra on November 16. A hearing on the case was scheduled to be heard on November 19.

According to the motion to withdraw, “Plaintiffs seek to withdraw their petition at this time the petition was contemplated, there were no clear mandated state-wide recounts. It is now clear that the race for Attorney General falls within the ½ of 1 percent margin and is more likely than not going to require a statewide recount. Plaintiffs hereby withdraw their petition as they do not want to interfere in the process for a 100 percent ballot recount. Additionally, as the elections department will be using different machines and software, it achieves some of the goals envisioned by the Plaintiffs in that it will validate or not the closest statewide race on the ballot.”….read full story (online subscribers only)

Hearing rescheduled to modify shooting suspect release conditions

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

A hearing scheduled for Friday, November 18 to entertain a motion to modify the release conditions of the man charged with first degree murder in connection to the shooting of his former boss at the Old Bisbee High School has been rescheduled.

Joel Larson, the attorney for Matthew Gistinger, the man charged with seven counts including first degree murder, aggravated assault, attempted escapes and misconduct involving a weapon in connection with the shooting death of his former boss, Brent Roosevelt Hester, is seeking to modify the conditions for a release for his client.

According to court documents Larson is requesting that Gistinger be permitted to travel outside the state to reside with his father in Idaho….read full story (online subscribers only)

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