Petitioner tells city to clean up raw sewage

“It is an emergency health situation”

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

Old Bisbee resident Donna Burke, who petitioned the city to take back the responsibility of repair and maintenance of the lateral sewer lines in the city, told the council Tuesday night they need to clean up the raw sewage spills and the council agreed calling the situation an emergency health situation.

As Mayor Ken Budge explained during Tuesday night’s meeting the item would come back up in two weeks Burke requested to speak and told the council something needed to be done right away because there is currently raw sewage on stairways in Old Bisbee.

Burke told the council, “I know that the issue is going to take a long time to come to conclusion, but we need you to quickly decide to clean up some of the effluent that is flowing down stairways right now. Can we maybe make some kind of motion to maintain those sewer lines that have traditionally been maintained by the city then recently stopped being maintained by the city, we have raw sewage running down our staircases.”…read full story (online subscribers only)

Lease approval for PW trucks already being used tabled, council wants more information

Laura Swan

The Bisbee Observer

Last week the Bisbee Observer reported two trucks had been leased long term with no council approval. The request for approval for the two lease agreements then showed up on the city council agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting but were tabled after the council requested more information as to how the city plans to pay for the trucks.

Before the council got into a discussion about the leases City Manager Theresa Coleman told them it was an oversite on her part that the trucks were not brought to council for approval. Coleman said she was treating the Enterprise Fleet agreement which was approved by council the same way as the city did with a memorandum of understating with the county for obtaining vehicles.

She then said City Attorney Joe Estes recommended she bring the contracts to council for approval which then led to a discussion as to how the city plans to pay for the trucks since the public works administration budget for contract services was already overspent by $3,182.18. The council also requested Coleman provide them with what it will cost to return the vehicles if they choose to go that route….read full story (online subscribers only

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